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As a result of proactive PR campaigns our clients have featured in:

Savage Public Relations is a fully integrated agency that can develope a 360º PR strategy for your brand, or tailor a specific campaign to your requirements. These solutions create strategic brand awareness, ensuring that key messages are delivered through all media formats. Savage Public Relations provides a wide range of services including public relations, event management, media training, celebrity product placement, advertising, marketing and sponsorship and endorsement.


Public Relations Director Georgina Fink has over 20 years of lifestyle brand public relations experience gained in London and Australia. As a result of this experience we have one of the largest Australian and International media database including freelance fashion stylist, writers, fashion journalists, lifestyle, news and fashion media, business contacts and celebrities. We don’t just email the media, we know the media!

Publicity gives your brand credibility, as it is under the by-line of the journalist that advertising cannot provide. Publicity is key to the promotion and survival of any brand. A well placed piece of editorial will have more impact on your target audience than paid for advertising. Thus will be far more cost effective, giving you more bang for your buck.

As well as media coverage, public relations delivers additional return on investment through SEO / Search Engine Optimisation. Quality link building occurs through well placed editorials online, which can have a huge impact on a business’s rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Savage PR provide global agency experience with boutique agency value for money. Because we are regionally based, we don't have the high overheads of city based agencies. We cut the cost, but not the service, with tailored plans starting from as little as $1000 per month.

Please contact us for more information and case study examples of media coverage we have delivered for other clients.

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